Being titan shifter is suffering


This chapters golden. 


i’ve got 99 problems and at least 98 of them are levi ackerman

poor him, he’s just

c r a z y

I have thought that everybody kind of goes further while i stay behind alone

but then

i realized that im the one going further

i feel like

i dont even know i feel like somebody is sitting on my brain and giving me heart and brain aches and everything sucks right now yes

it s been a while yes

holy shit im so mad right now i just want somebody to fucking die right here


"Two years passed from the first time I worked on Elsa until the actual release of the film, and she went through a tremendous amount of changes during that time. […] Elsa was a very different character. She was moody, more jealous, and the only part of her that I could really relate to was the fact that she was an older sister."

-Brittney Lee

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the past is in the past


You are bold and fearless, Sister,and you have a loving heart.You are poised and graceful, Sister,and so wonderfully smart.


You are bold and fearless, Sister,
and you have a loving heart.

You are poised and graceful, Sister,
and so wonderfully smart.


Queen Elsa from Disney’s Frozen. Took me forever to finish it.

Well I generally hate Disney princesses but this movie had some plot twist that surprised me! Faith in Disney restored.


I’ve come to really love these two, despite the big plot holes in the movie.  Particularly taking into account deleted scenes and supplemental materials such as “A Sister More Like Me,” these two shine as excellent characters that learn and grow in reaction to being sisters.

I tried to somewhat mimic the gouache painting style seen in that book. I also wanted to depict the idea that Elsa was a lonely mountain that only the sky (Anna) could reach.  It was a big challenge for me so it took forever, but I think I learned a lot from it.  I used Art Rage start to finish.

To see the full detail, look for me in the east coast con circuit.  I will have 8x11” and 11x17” prints available at the Gay Breakfast Studio table!